Soul Speaking


Who knows if we choose the journey, or the journey chooses us? We may suddenly find ourselves propelled by forces seemingly greater than ourselves that challenge the very core of our being.

Soul Speaking takes us on a musical, emotional and spiritual journey, and leads us through experiences of pain, loss, self-discovery, healing and transformation. The album provides us with a rich tapestry of powerful lyrics and hauntingly beautiful music that speak to the challenges we all face as we struggle to find who we truly are.

Recovering from a life deeply changed by a life-threatening illness, Brenda has woven a series of heartfelt songs from threads of her past and present. Each song is a testament to music’s ability to heal tremendous wounds and send the heart on new and exciting journeys. Soul Speaking reminds us of the potential for personal transformation when we face our deepest fears and trust our inner path. The music comes from a place of gratitude and from a fresh perspective on how wonderful life truly can be – especially when we get out of the way and let our soul guide us.