These Days

by Administrator on March 15, 2011

Don’t know where I’m goin’
But I know where I’ve been and I’m not goin’ back
I can tell you that

The days when I sat and cried
And needed you by my side and you couldn’t be there
It was hard to bear

When I asked for your help
And you just turned your back on me
It was heard to see

Now I know that the answers
Deep within me and you couldn’t save me
Only I could set me free

I got a brand new way
Of getting’ through my days
These days

These days…these days

I know you hear that it’s no use
But that’s a lie now here’s the truth
It lives in you

We all have to find our own way
Don’t matter what other people say ya gotta search your heart
You’ll find your way

My heart is wide open
My mind is calm and it knows no bounds
That’s what I’ve found

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